Guide of Your Success in China Market

About Us
Set up in 1999, Morgan & Morgan China Offices (Beijing & Shanghai) are a wholly owned enterprise of The Morgan & Morgan Group in China. With several years of accumulated work, relations, experience and knowledge we are well in the position of offering M&M’s world wide clientele our value added services in China, as well as M&M’s core products and services.

Our Purpose
To provide first hand assistance that exceeds the expectations of our clients of successfully localizing and expanding their
business from their first step into or out of the China Market.

Our Services

Back Office
Relocation and Staff Care
- Secretarial Service - Local Legal Services - Landing Service
- Temporary Office Lease - WOFE & Rep Office Set-Up - Head-hunting
- Establishing and Maintaining contacts - Local Governmental Procedure Assistance
- Business tour arrangement
- Assistance for Local Exhibitions - Linguistic and Cultural Service - Miscellaneous service
- Accounting    

Back Office
Secretarial Service:
- Tel/Fax/Mail/Email - timely-reply or mail forwarding
- Translation
- Copy & distribution, etc.
- Nominee Director’s Services at USD500/year: (Natural Person or Corporate Person as Sole Director)
Temporary Office Lease at USD15,000 Anually, including:
- One work station in Beijing Office & Shanghai office
- Internet access and telephone
- Use of meeting room and reception
- Use of our office address for mail forwarding
- Use of office equipment such as copier, fax machine, and scanner
- Accountant service for normal book-keeping and tax reporting
- Assigning one of our staff to take care of daily communication, especially during your personnel's absence.
*Such daily communication shall not produce a workload of more than 1 hour per day. Extra time will be charged additionally.
Establishing and Maintaining contacts:
- Clients, Partners, Governments Agencies, Resellers, etc.
Assistance for Local Exhibitions:
- Booth-Set-Up
- On-site promotion
- Translation
- Maintenance
- Tax Return, Bank Account Management, Financial Rpt, Annual Tax Bureau Survey.
- Book-keeping & Tax Declaration.
- Legal Tax Plan: Designed according to the current tax laws and accounting regulations, it arranges
management/investment/organization/transactions in advance.
- Individual Tax Plan / Safety & Appreciation of Property.
- Assistance in performing due diligence, supplier surveys, and investigations.
- Providing you or your company the information you need to decide whether your proposed supplier, agent, joint venture partner, etc. is really the company you are seeking.

Local Legal Services:

- Legal advise
- Legal contact
- Legal entity setup procedure consulting
WOFE (Wholy Owned Foreign Enterprises) & Representative Office Set-up:
- The setting up of a rep-office is about USD1,500.
- The setting up of WOFE is about USD2,500 - USD4,000.
- The difference is a rep-office can only engage in liaison work and cannot collect payment, while WOFE is an independent legal person and can be in full services.
- Government fees is about US$1,200.

- Application for approval of intended investment activities (project proposal).
- The examination and approval authority shall reply within 20 days on receipt of the proposal.
Step 2:
- Application for intended name to be used by the WOFE with the Chinese Local Administrative Bureau for industry and Commerce.
- Name: In the form of “Name of City + Name of the Enterprise +Industry+ Company Limited/ in Chinese”.
- Prior name check and approval
Step 3:
- Application for the approval of feasibility study, constitution (memorandum and articles of association).
- A feasibility study will be prepared covering financing, site selection, technological process, equipments, raw material supply, market survey, economic results, foreign exchange, infrastructure facilities, etc.
- Articles of Association should be prepared and submitted to the examination and approval authority.
- The examination and approval authority shall reply within 30 days on receipt of the feasibility study report and articles of association.
- After the feasibility study report and articles of association have been approved, the applicant shall apply to the examination and approval authority, which shall issue the Approval Certificate within 3 days after receiving the application.
Step 4:
- Registration with the Administration for Industry and Commerce.
- The company may then register with the Local Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce within 30 days after receiving the Approval ertificate and applying for the business license.The Local Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce shall issue the business license within 10 working days to those projects approved by the examination and approval authority. The enterprise is deemed as established on the date when the business license is issued.
- The foreign enterprise may engage an agent authorized by Local Municipal Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Committee to handle its application on its behalf.
Business Address
- A separate business address, located in commercial buildings or locations is required as the official address.
Legal Representative
- The only representative of the company, appointed by the board of directors. Local representative is not required. Normally, if the legal representative does not intend to stay and work in Shanghai for over 90 days (within a year), no employment visa is needed.
Capital and Shareholders
- A minimum of one shareholder, either a corporation or a natural person, who must not be a Chinese national, is required.
Capital must be of private nature, public offering of capital is not allowed.
- China adopts a registered capital system. All registered capital has to be paid up in cash, physical assets or intangible assets.
- Strict capital injection requirement should be fulfilled. Different regulations for different industries govern the minimum
capital requirements and schedule of injection.
- Local auditors should be engaged to issue an audit report on capital injection.
- Special Certificates Application: For WOFE’s import-export rights, VAT right, etc.
- Full corporate management services.
- Registered office, business office, mail redirection and business centre (available in selected locations only).
Local Governmental Procedure help:
- Agency contact, PR events arrangement, etc.
Linguistic and Cultural Service:
- Translation: For written documents' translation, USD20/1000 words.
For oral interpretation, USD30/hour.
- Document local culture base modifying.

Relocation and Staff Care
Landing Service:

- Business Trip/Hotel arrangement, Airport pick up, Office and apartments renting, City life guidance.
- Find the qualified staffs.
Miscellaneous Service:
- Other services that you may need.
Business Tour Arrangement:
- Providing Executive Business Tour to China periodically. It has been an effective and efficient way for business executives and entrepreneurs to find international business opportunities, achieve their goal in sourcing/partnership, explore the huge Chinese Market, build connection with government officials, and gain an understanding of the key elements of Chinese business culture, protocol, and etiquette.
Our Resources
Morgan & Morgan worldwide offices
Local Government Relationship:

- China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.
- Foreigner Investment Service Center.
Local Business Partners:
- Law Firms, CPAs.
- Consulting Firms.
- Head-hunting company.
- Chinese local banks and China-based foregin banks.
- House & HR Agency.

Contact Us
Through local offices of M&M in Panama City, or contact our office directly:

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